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Biometric Technology is a method whereby identity is verified based on intrinsic physical or behavioral traits of humans. While fingerprint-based biometrics still dominates the market, its lower level of sophistication and the sanitary concerns have given way to Eletronic Facial Recognition (EFR), by far the fastest growing segment in the biometric market.

Eaglemetric Corp. is poised to benefit from the growth potential of EFR in the burgeoning biometrics market. We provide a world-class facial recognition system with enhanced access controls, intelligent videos, and identity protection. We also develop customized business solutions to integrate the EFR systems to the unique needs of companies across industries and sizes. In a world where rapid technological advancement has led to higher security breaches, identity theft, and the like, it is critical for every individual to evaluate an investment in EFR that can better protect the well-being of themselves & others around them.



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Chen & Fan Accountancy installs AccuFACE facial recognition system.

Post Alarm Systems installs AccuFACE facial recognition system.



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